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Hearing Evaluation

*Complete evaluation and assessment of hearing completed by a Doctor of Audiology.

*If hearing loss is present, the type of loss is determined as well as the severity.

*Counseling on effects of hearing loss on communication and communication strategies is offered.



Hearing AidsOur goal is better hearing and understanding in all listening situations. Through focus on individual needs, we can achieve this goal and can greatly improve the quality of life!

*Professional hearing aid services are offered to any patient who is determined to be a hearing aid candidate through thorough testing and needs assessment.

*Hearing aid services include counseling on hearing aids – what they can do as well as what they can’t do – and what to expect in the adaptation process.

*Hearing aid evaluation, selection and dispensing in office are also available and include follow up care and adjustments of programming over upcoming years.

*Repair and service of existing hearing aids is also available, dependant on manufacturer of hearing aids with possible service charges involved if aids were not purchased in office.