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Balance Assessment

*Complete balance assessment utilizing the latest in balance testing equipment and technology, a videonystagmography (VNG) evaluation is performed. Infrared cameras are used to record the eyes through a series of tasks and body positions, which allows the audiologist to better determine where there may be a problem within your balance system. This in turn can assist your physician in choosing the appropriate treatment to address the problem.



The VNG consists of a series of tests that through careful review and analysis by your audiologist will assist in providing important information regarding the cause or source of your dizziness, lightheadedness, vertigo, and/or imbalance. Throughout testing, your eye movements will be recorded through the use of a specially designed set of goggles.

The VNG consists of three main parts:

1)    Oculomotor: This consists of following a light with your eyes. Your eyes are an intricate part of your balance system.

 2)    Positional Testing: With guidance and support from your audiologist, you will be asked to sit, lay back quickly, lay flat, turn head one direction and another while laying down, and possibly turning onto your side. These positions will allow us to obtain information about your inner ear balance system.

 3)    Calorics: Your ears will be irrigated with air one ear at a time, in a controlled manner, to provoke your inner ear balance system into action. This is an integral part of the testing and results in valuable information about the actual functional balancing abilities of your inner ear.